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Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute.


I'm programming on this platform for almost 4 years. In love with google technologies and material design. I can also build iOS app when using Flutter framework.

Backend services

When I have to, I will also create my restful web service, in PHP using Silex, or in Java using Jax-RS. I'm also familiar with some Javascript web frameworks, such as Koa.

Graphic design

I like creating and prototyping the design of my own apps, and Sketch is the tool to go for me.


I can also create cross platform 2D mobile games, using libGDX or Unity.


Some projects that I've build all by myself or just parts of them.


App for finding & sharing parking spots

University Labster

Social app for students


Internet of things. With Raspberry Pi

Today Menu App

Best places to eat nearby.


App for scanning tickets at festivals

Jokes App

Add your best jokes


App for ProTV Romanian TV channel


Order your food and drinks directly from your phone!


Simple realtime chat app

Your way

Navigation app

Trippy snake

Canvas based snake game

Nicusor Jump

Get your way up!

Kid on Crack 2

2D Android game

Romanian baccalaureate math problems

Android app with questions and answers for baccalaureate math problems.

Romanian baccalaureate romanian problems

Android app with questions and answers for baccalaureate romanian problems.

Ice bucket challenge game

Stack as many buckets as possible!

Tic Tac Toe Live Wallpaper

Android live wallpaper

Who am I?

I'm Paul and I love building things. Currently I'm most good at writting android apps, but I also love to build games, or prototype mobile apps, and coding desktop or web applications. I'm also developing apps in Flutter, a cross-platform mobile framework made by Google.

Boldijar Paul

Android developer

Contact me

Contact me on boldijar.paul@gmail.com